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Visa & Immigration
The most basic requirement to stay in Hong Kong is to obtain a valid Visa. There is GEP (General Employment Visa), Working-holiday Visa, Investment Visa, Student Visa, and more.
Also, based on the type of visa you are applying for, the requirements become complicated at times.
Moreover, the visa may be rejected due to lack of document preparation or misjudgments.
REPS Relocation has been providing visa consultation for several years and have provided the services to global firms, or large financial institutes and has a very high success rate.
We believe within ourselves that in terms of Visa consultation, we provide higher quality than the "The big 4" accounting firms. Our responsible officer will assist from preparation until result and fills your needs.
REPS Relocation is an all-in-one relocation company. While we are processing visa application, we give can also give consultation for international move, real-estate, and education consultancy for your children for your relocation to be easy and comfortable.
Approved cases
REPS Relocation strives hard to find ways to have the visa approved.
We will simulate all posiblities and choose the right way to have it go through.
"Big 4 firm in Korea opened a branch in Hong Kong"
  • - No office
  • - No local Staff
Other Visa agency rejected the case as they expect the immigration will reject the case.
REPS Relocation got it approved.
"Financial institute had an expat sent to Hong Kong"
  • - Visa consultation was done through Big 4 in accounting
  • - Visa got rejected
REPS Relocation prepared the and reinforced the documents and Appeal letter.
Visa approved.
"Individual Business establishment"
  • - Visa was rejected
Opened office, hired local staff after consultation
re-applied the application and was approved.
"Resigned from company and established own company"
  • - New company visa sponsor
  • - Visa was rejected
Prepared documents for the explanation of resigning from the company and the purpose, plan, and vision of the new company
Re-applied the application and was approved
*There are other difference cases where the case was rejected due to lack of document preparation and REPS Relocation checked through and improved the documents to have it approved.
*Dependant Visa fee is waived if GEP application goes together
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